Products and Services

The SafeRoad Group helps companies, public figures, and educational institutions overcome the massive and growing cyber security skills gap. Our team is comprised of professionals with a proven track record.


Our team of experts specialize in:

  • technology oversight
  • team management
  • project management
  • software development
  • social media
  • digital transformation strategies.

Public Figures

The ever growing landscape of threats and complexity requires the use of skilled professionals with a proven track record. Our team will help you;

  • Secure your web site and protect it from cyber attacks
  • Help you understand your digital risks and form strategies to overcome them
  • Assist your technical team with digital content creation / delivery / and management, software development, systems administration
  • Assess your digital systems vulnerabilities
  • Monitor your digital assets and presences and alert your team to issues as they arise

Educational Institutions

We offer an amazing team of professionals. We also have several strategic partnerships of interest. Innovators like the National Cyber Warfare Foundation and their cyber ranges. Wee also work with industry leaders who have large followings.